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Why Do You Need Mold Remediation in Edmonton?

The combination of heat and moisture create the perfect environment for mold. This naturally occurring fungus does not need much to grow rapidly once it finds its way onto many building materials. And once it grows, it will cause problems for you and your family. Get mold remediation at your Edmonton home by hiring the professionals at Advanced Remediation solutions.

Inspections Determine if You Need Mold Removal
You suspect that your home has mold. Now you’ve scheduled an assessment with our remediation team. Here’s how we locate the mold in your home and eliminate its source.

After our team arrives, we perform a thorough visual inspection of your property. The key is to determine where the moisture came from. Our team may use instruments such as a moisture meter, a borescope, and a thermal camera to locate undiscovered water intrusion and mold growth in dark, hidden corners. These instruments can help us identify the moisture's source and the location where the mold spores began to spread.

Once we’ve completed this assessment, we’ll begin mold remediation at your home. Our team will remove all of the mold-affected materials from your property and dispose of them according to Alberta Health & Safety guidelines.

Mold Remediation in Edmonton
Mold remediation can be a complicated process, since mold is often hidden and must be exposed. It may extend beyond only one area, and it can spread behind and around what you may first see. Once you expose mold and begin removing it, spores can quickly contaminate other areas of your home. That’s why it’s best to leave mold remediation in Alberta to the professionals. Advanced Remediation Solutions’ remediation process prevents cross-contamination, keeping occupants safe and preventing mold from returning. We know how to isolate all the contaminated areas, properly covering and sealing doorways and other openings. Once the area is isolated, we can:

  • Suppress any dust
  • Remove all wet and mold-damaged materials
  • Safely discard the contaminated materials
  • Clean all non-porous materials that are moldy and safely discard cleaning materials

We also have the necessary equipment to ensure your mold problem is completely resolved. We can test the area for any residual mold to provide you with peace of mind that your mold problem has been completely removed. Our mold remediation team in Alberta works thoroughly and efficiently to deal with large areas of mold.

Moisture Control
Once the experts at Advanced Remediation Solutions have provided sufficient mold remediation in Edmonton – completely removing the contaminated materials and any evidence of mold from your home – we can then work to reduce the moisture levels in your home. Mold will continue to grow on any organic material until the moisture levels in the area are controlled. Floods and leaks are common sources of excess moisture in homes. We can inspect any damage that has occurred and test moisture levels to determine how to best dry out the affected area. We have the equipment and expertise to assess and apply the best techniques for every moisture problem. Once we’ve assessed the area, we can dry any water damage with dehumidifiers and air blowers.

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The team at Advanced Remediation Solutions has removed mold and other hazardous materials from residences and commercial buildings since 2004. We provide remediation services in both the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas.

Stop mold from spreading throughout your building. When a member of our team visits your home, he or she will advise you on the right strategy to remove the fungus and provide you with a free estimate.

To schedule mold remediation in your Edmonton home, call Advanced Remediation Solutions today at 780-466-5105.

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