Mold Removal Vs. Mold Remediation: What is the Difference?

It is important for all home and business owners to know that mold can never be entirely and completely "removed," nor does it need to be. Dormant mold spores can be found everywhere, in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is when these spores begin to grow and spread that they present a problem. Mold remediation in Edmonton and throughout Alberta focuses on stopping the growth and spread of mold, and on getting the levels of mold spores in a building back to natural, unproblematic levels.

What is Involved in the Mold Remediation Process?

An Edmonton, Alberta mold remediation specialist will typically begin by performing a visual assessment of the area to determine the type of mold and the best approach for removing it. They can also take an air sample, which can detect reproductive mold spores, to help in this regard. An air sample will also provide a spore count, which can help a remediation specialist get an idea of the extent of the contamination, as some affected areas may not be visible right away.

The affected area is then contained and sealed off in order to stop the spread of the mold, and your remediation specialist will use HEPA-filtered air moving equipment the remove any active reproductive spores from the air. These high-efficiency filters 

trap the spores and prevent them from moving into other areas of the building. Once the area is well contained, the clean-up process can begin.

The strategy used for mold removal depends largely on mold location. If the mold had spread across non-porous surfaces, then those surfaces can often be effectively cleaned with a thorough biocide or enzyme application. However, when mold has contaminated 

porous materials such as wood, then those materials may have to be aggressively cleaned or removed. Once contaminated materials have all been either cleaned or removed, a final visual inspection and air test can be conducted in order to ensure that mold spores are back to their natural, normal levels.

Mold Remediation and Asbestos Removal in Alberta

If left to grow and spread, mold can cause and contribute to serious health problems. The Edmonton, Alberta mold remediation specialists at Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. are here to help make sure that your home is safe for all residents or that your commercial building is safe for all customers and employees. We also offer asbestos removal in Edmonton, as well as removal for other hazardous materials.

For all of your Edmonton, Alberta area mold remediation and asbestos removal needs, just contact Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. today.

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