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Many buildings that were constructed from the 1950s to the 1990s contain asbestos, as it was widely used in flame retardant and insulation. It has a variety of different physical properties that made it attractive to homebuilders, including sound absorption, tensile strength, resistance to fire, heat, and electricity, and cost-efficiency. However, asbestos is a fibrous material that can be inhaled, which causes a variety of health problems for those exposed to it. Asbestos can cause lung scarring, impaired lung function, and lung cancer. By the 1990s, asbestos use was heavily restricted or banned, but many older homes still contain asbestos. Living in or renovating one of these homes can expose you to asbestos’ harmful fibres. 

Asbestos Abatement in Edmonton
The best way to ensure you are not exposed to asbestos fibres is to have your home inspected and tested by a professional. Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. provides professional asbestos abatement in Edmonton to give you peace of mind. We follow strict abatement guidelines to ensure each individual asbestos case is controlled completely, depending on how extensively the material has been used and in what application.

Removal is the most common method of asbestos control, and it is also permanent. Once the asbestos has been removed, you do not have to worry about its health risks. Asbestos-containing materials are removed, bagged, and sent to a specific landfill. Removal is not complete until the entire area is cleaned thoroughly.

Removal is the most common method, but it is also the most disruptive method of asbestos control. Removing the source of the asbestos will release large amounts of fibres into the air, spreading them across the entire containment area. HEPA vacuums and negative air machines can be used to filter the air in the work area and lower the amount of asbestos in the air.

Other Abatement Methods
If you are not exposed to asbestos fibres, you are not at risk. Some applications of asbestos are safe, as long as they are not disturbed. It may be best to control the asbestos in your home without removing it. Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. can provide a variety of different alternative asbestos abatement methods in Edmonton. Asbestos and materials containing it can be controlled through:

Encapsulation involves applying a thick, paint-like material on anything that contains asbestos with a low-pressure sprayer. This encapsulant hardens as it dries, preventing fibres from being released into the air. The type of encapsulant used depends on the type of asbestos it is covering – some encapsulants cover the asbestos-containing material, while others soak into the material and harden.

An asbestos enclosure is simply an airtight barrier that surrounds any fibres or asbestos-containing material. It can be made of wood, metal or sheetrock, but it must be completely airtight for it to sufficiently contain the asbestos. Encapsulation and enclosures and temporary treatment methods – they only stop the spread of existing asbestos.


Asbestos repairs are usually done on small areas that involve limited amounts of asbestos, such as a section of pipe or a small area of your ceiling or wall. These areas are patched and painted over with mastic to control fiber release.

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Stop asbestos from spreading throughout your home and putting your family at risk for lung damage and cancer. The team at Advanced Remediation Solutions has removed asbestos and contaminated materials homes throughout Edmonton since 2004. When a member of our team visits your home, he or she will advise you on the right strategy to control any asbestos – whether you require removal or containment – and we can provide you with a free estimate.

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