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Mould & Asbestos Testing for Calgary Area Properties

Asbestos Sampling

The presence of asbestos can be difficult to determine. If your home was built or renovated before 1990, we strongly recommend that you test. In order to make an accurate determination, Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. will take a sample of the suspect material(s) and submit them to an accredited third-party laboratory for analysis.

Mould Investigation

Our specialists determine the extent of your mould contamination in two ways.

First, we do a visual inspection to pinpoint the areas and extent of mould growth. Moisture meters, thermal cameras and borescopes may also be used to find hidden areas of moisture and mould contamination. Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. not only identifies sources of mould growth but also tracks the trail of moisture to areas of potential contamination.

Depending on the situation, we may suggest air sampling to determine the concentration of mould spores in the air. Air samples are submitted to an accredited third-party laboratory for testing and analysis.

Contact us for an assessment and a plan of action to rectify your mould or asbestos problems now and in the future.

Our asbestos sampling and testing in Edmonton, Calgary and Alberta include:

  • Samples taken and submitted to an accredited third-party laboratory for analysis
  • Interpretation of the lab report
  • Free estimates for removal in the greater Edmonton area
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