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Understanding Mould’s Place in Our Alberta Environments

Moulds live in the spaces where we live and work every day. Much of the time, we don’t notice them because moulds are a natural part of our outdoor environment too. The relationship between these microorganisms and humans – known as environmental microbiology – is frequently beneficial. Just think of penicillin and compost piles.

Indoor Air Pollution & Mould Solutions

What happens when moulds and their relationship to humans become a hazard? Recent studies on our indoor environments find the air inside often contains more contaminants than are found outdoors. Some of those are moulds.

Adequate ventilation, air filtration and moisture control can improve indoor air quality in most buildings. Call Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. for an estimate and assessment. We have the experience and expertise to identify the conditions that may contribute to these discomforts and/or even illnesses.

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