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Why Do You Need Mold Remediation in Edmonton?

The combination of heat and moisture create the perfect environment for mold. This naturally occurring fungus doesn’t need much to grow rapidly once it finds its way onto many building materials. And once it grows, it will cause problems for your family. Get mold remediation at your Edmonton home by hiring the professionals at Advanced Remediation solutions.

How We Remove Mold
You suspect that your home has mold. Now you’ve scheduled an assessment with our remediation team. Here’s how we locate the mold in your home and eliminate its source.

After our team arrives, we perform a thorough visual inspection of your property. The key is to determine where the moisture came from. Our team may use instruments such as a moisture meter, a borescope, and a thermal camera to locate undiscovered water intrustion and mold growth in dark, hidden corners. These instruments can help us identify the moisture's source and the location where the mold spores began to spread.

Once we’ve completed this assessment, we’ll begin mold remediation at your home. Our team will remove all of the mold-affected materials from your property and dispose of them according to Alberta Health & Safety guidelines.

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The team at Advanced Remediation Solutions has removed mold and other hazardous materials from residences and commercial buildings since 2004. We provide remediation services in both the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas.

Stop mold from spreading throughout your building. When a member of our team visits your home, he or she will advise you on the right strategy to remove the fungus and provide you with a free estimate.

To schedule mold remediation at your home, call us today at 780-466-5105.

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